Treasury automation for modern businesses

Technology has finally reached your treasury team.
Organize and automate all cash handling processes in your company.

Get notified when a new bill arrives

- Receive payment requests via email or WhatsApp
- Attach files to payment requests
- Get notified when a NF-e is issued or DDA is registered
- Finbits integrates with your ERP to sync payments data

Auditable payments approval process

- Customizable approval rules
- Set approval levels
- Set different cost centers and approvers

- Ask questions to your peers before making a payment
- Access all payment approval logs

Check all your accounts balance in just one click

- Connect Finbits with multiple accounts and banks

- Visualize a consolidated cash position of your company
- Direct integrations with your internet banking
- Manually import your .OFX files

Schedule payments with automatic reconciliation

- Schedule payments without accessing internet banking

- Upload CNAB files for batch payments

- Automatic payments confirmations

- Automatic payments errors notifications

- Automatic reconciliation

- Clarify your accountant's questions

ERP integrations

Banks integrations

Say goodbye to manual work.
It's time to organize and automate your payments.

We are building a reliable and fast platform so companies can make payments safely and with peace of mind.
For the time being, we are managing the volume of new customers and operating in closed beta only for companies in Brazil.

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